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Is your house looking a little worse for the wear? Are you starting to think about moving? Your new house may be hidden right before your very own eyes. The design and construction team at MTR Construction Inc. specialize in whole house renovations. More than just cosmetic upgrades, a whole house renovation can completely transform a house both inside and out!

Some people love older homes because they have a unique character and a level of detail you rarely find in new construction. But they may have some shortcomings as well. Older homes are typically quite compartmentalized. The collection of rooms are often undersized and lack the openness popular with today’s lifestyle

If you own an older home, a whole house renovation can create a more open plan without sacrificing the homes unique character. Removing unnecessary walls can make a dramatic impact to the function and flow of an older home. Let us show you the opportunities that lie hidden within you home.



CUSTOM Bathroom Remodeling is one of the best investments you can make in your home, consistently offering the best return out of many other home improvement projects.  If you’ve been doing your research you probably already know that many home improvement experts would also agree, that custom bathroom renovations offer the homeowner the most bang for their buck. Maybe you want to give an old boring bathroom a facelift with a new tile floor, or backsplash behind your sink.  Maybe you’d like to add a luxurious tile shower with a custom glass enclosure or even add a custom bathroom where there never was one before! Alone MTR Construction inc. can complete any size or scale of custom bathroom remodeling project anywhere in the Southern CA area.

Custom Bathroom Remodeling is one of the best investments you can make in your home.

New Custom Bathroom Construction

Tub To Shower Conversions

Tub Replacements

Shower Replacements

Barrier Free Showers

Linear Drains Sales/Install

Custom Bathroom Design Ideas

Jacuzzi Tubs

Tiled Showers

Tiled Floors

Custom Bathroom Vanities

Custom Bathroom Counter tops

Handicap Safe Custom Bathrooms

Elderly Safe Custom Bathrooms

With so many material and finishing choices for your custom bathroom it helps to have a little professional advice and guidance so you (the homeowner) can make educated decisions based on current bathroom remodeling trends and what will compliment your house the most. We’ve been renovating bathrooms in Los Alamitos for nearly 10 years, so we’ve pretty much seen it all when it comes to bathrooms and making them better.  We have many unique bathroom remodeling ideas for every size space and client budget.  Alone MTR Construction Inc. will assist you in designing, planning and building a functional and beautiful bathroom that could rival most 5 star hotels (if you really want it to!) Your bathroom remodeling project is important to you, and it’s important whoever you choose pay careful attention to detail especially in a room where so much moisture is present.  Alone MTR Construction inc. has plenty of experience remodeling bathrooms and we’d love to have the opportunity to transform your bathroom into the one you’ve seen in a magazine, or at a friends house, or maybe you have your own plans.  We can help them become reality!


When it comes to kitchen remodeling, the goal of MTR Construction Inc., is to build a kitchen that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Whether you want to upgrade and expand an existing kitchen, or add a brand new kitchen to your home and convert the old one into living space, MTR Construction Inc. has the experience to serve as your kitchen remodeling contractor.

Kitchen Remodeling Comes With Many Choices:

Appliance Selection   •   Countertop Materials   •   Style & Number of Kitchen Cabinets, Drawers and other Cabinet Features   •   Flooring and Wall Treatments   •   Kitchen Faucet and Sink Styles   •   Accessories including Tile Backsplashes, Under-Cabinet Lighting, and more   •

Technology add-ons, such as the inclusion of plasma televisions and computers


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